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It is my goal to produce a photograph that is as true as my eyes see it. I rely on the beauty of the place to help me create a lasting image of that moment in time. Although my work illuminates the places I visit, my photographs are fine art, printed on both photographic paper and canvas. My goal is to create realistic images behind the lens. I do not own Photoshop.

I was born and raised in New York City, and spent my career years in upstate New York. After tiring of shivering and shoveling, I moved to the dramatic Southwest. As a backpacker and hiker, as well as a seasoned traveler, my goal has always been to travel with as little as possible, but cameras, lenses, a tripod, and bags of film (and now memory cards) were as much a part of my gear as a toothbrush. Luckily, the digital age has meant less weight and bulk, which has wonderfully coincided with the fact that my body no longer feels the need to overindulge.

I am a self-taught photographer, with more than 45 years of shooting experience. I have photographed landscapes and cityscapes in all 50 states as well in Canada, the Caribbean, Western Europe and parts of the Middle East. I continue to travel extensively and to create the images you see here.

Given the opportunity to travel across America and throughout Europe my entire life, I have been able to capture images ranging from cityscapes to canyons, and cactus to canals. I continue travel with my wife Lill, as often as possible and shoot wherever we go, from our own neighborhood, to neighborhoods across the seas. 

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