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Tempered Glass Cutting Boards

Tempered Glass Cutting Boards are functional art for your kitchen, bar, man cave, and even as a tray for your perfume bottles and cosmetics.

Our glass boards are multi-functional as well as beautiful pieces of art for your home.

Safety: These glass cutting boards are dishwasher safe. The photo cannot wash off or peel off. The photo becomes part of the glass via a high heat process.

Multiple Uses: You can cut and chop on them, they can be used as a trivet for your hot pots, a counter protector, a cutting board, as well as a beautiful serving platter.

You can display your glass board on a wall by using a plate hanger or on any flat surface using a small easel or you can simply leave it out on your counter.


Small boards: 8x10 $35 (plus shipping and handling)

Large boards: 12x15 $50 (plus shipping and handling)

How to purchase:

If you are ordering multiple cutting boards, 2 or more, please email us at

Look through our galleries, choose your photo or photos and then go to the How to Order Page. Choose any of our photographs for your cutting boards. If you have any questions, send us an email. It is easy to order online. It takes about 7-10 days from the time you order until it arrives.

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